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hang - Wiktionary.
Etymology 1 edit. A fusion of Old English hōn to hang, be hanging intrans and hangian to hang, cause to hang trans; also probably influenced by Old Norse hengja suspend and hanga be suspended; all from Proto-Germanic hanhaną compare Dutch hangen, Low German hangen and hängen, German hängen, Norwegian Bokmål henge, Norwegian Nynorsk henga from Proto-Indo-European ḱenk- to waver, be in suspense compare Gothic hāhan, Hittite Term gang-, to hang, Sanskrit शङकत śáṅkate, is in doubt, hesitates, Latin cunctari to delay.
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Urban Dictionary: hang.
Robin Hood was going to hang for his crimes against the sherrif of Nottingham. That dude with the black coat, when he hits a jump, he can really hang in the air and tweak his grab and then come down for a kick ass landing.
HANG meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
Let the pheasant hang for a few days for the flavour to improve before you cook it. If I were you, I'd' hang that sweater on the line and let it drip-dry. We could hang this picture on the wall next to the door.
Hang Definition of Hang by Merriam-Webster.
1: the manner in which a thing is poised when suspended from above without support from below: the way in which a thing hangs see hang entry 1 the hang of a skirt. 2: declivity, slope also: droop the hang of his lower lip.
Hang Massive - Once Again - 2011 hang drum duo HD - YouTube.
Hang instrument - Wikipedia.
21 In the following years PANArt developed a number of other instruments called Hang Gudu, Hang Urgu, Hang Bal and Hang Gede as well as a number of string instruments and created a collective improvised music form played with these Pang instruments.

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